The Beauty Moves

During this time of uncertainty, we will do everything we can to support our community. 

YIANco. has opened up free live webinar courses for our supporters to engage and learn from.

While you are staying safe in your homes, you can learn different makeup tips and tricks from the

Connecticut makeup artist Yasmine-Irene!


Webinars will be recorded, saved and available for purchase after the live streamings. These are challenging and uncertain times, but we feel confident that as a company and community, we can make the best out of this situation and get through it together.

Thank you!

Watch Our Next Live Webinar Below

The Concept of Makeup

04/30/20 at 4:30pm EST

Flawless makeup starts with understanding makeup from its' core. 

In order for you to achieve pro-like makeup looks, you must think like an artist. In this segment, we'll discuss makeup from an artistic perspective.

1 hour

Makeup for


05/5/20 at 5:30pm EST

Makeup can be a difficult process but, we believe, you can learn anything.

In this segment, we will simplify the makeup application process--making it less tedious and more steady. 

If you are looking for an in depth step by step--easy to follow--routine.

This class is for you!

1 hour

The Starter


05/14/20 at 2:30pm EST

What does your makeup kit look like? 

Do you have a makeup kit?

If you don't, it's okay! This course will spill the beans--in detail--on what essential items you'll need to complete a neat face of makeup. 

1 hour